For Healthy Living

The YMCA aims to improve our members health by providing programs and activities that promote overall well-being, no matter where you are on your journey toward better health.

Group Exercise

We offer a variety of free Group Exercise Classes weekly for our Y members. There is something for everyone, through every stage of life, regardless of age, physical ability, size or shape.

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Water Exercise

Water Exercise Classes offer an excellent opportunity for muscle toning and body sculpting. Water also cools the body during exercise, which reduces stress on the heart and reduces the risk of injury by lessening the impact on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and bones.

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Unlimited Yoga

Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility. Slow movements and deep breathing increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding a pose can build strength.

Unlimited Yoga offers access to a variety of yoga classes taught by Registered Yoga Teachers. $15/Month

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Personal Training

YMCA Personal Trainers are educated professionals, often with years of experience, who can help you achieve your goals through personalized attention, accountability and expertise.

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The Woodson YMCA has a Massage Therapy Studio at the Wausau Branch with a Licensed Massage Therapist on staff. The benefits of massage include reducing stress, pain, muscle soreness and tension. It also improves circulation, energy and alertness.

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Adult Sports

YMCA Adult Sports programs offer fun ways for men and women ways to stay active, get fit and explore new hobbies.

We have an active Pickleball community at both locations and our basketball courts offer a fun way to stay active.

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Indoor Walking Track

Our indoor walking tracks creates a safe place to get your steps in no matter the weather outside. We have a walking track at both locations. The Wausau Branch offer beautiful views while you make your way around the track.

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YMCA360 Streaming Service is included with your Woodson YMCA Membership at no additional charge. Enjoy classes that focus on exercise, meditation, weight lifting, cooking, guitar and more...there is something for everyone.

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Lap Swim

Lap swimming is an excellent way to boost your endurance level and cardiovascular health. Swimming engages all parts of your body and combines aerobics, strength training and flexibility in one.

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2021 Programs at the Y

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Hundreds of on-demand exercise classes and programs for adults, seniors, youth and families are accessible 24/7 to provide another way to engage with the Y from home.

New programs and live-streamed videos are added weekly so there's always something new to try!

Enjoy 600+ Free Classes as a Member of The Woodson YMCA